Rog Patterson solo releases:

M25 (1986, Brainworks Records) – cassette-only mini-album

Talking to the Weather (1987, Brainworks Records) – cassette-only album

Double Exposure (1987, No Man Records) – compilation album featuring RP’s “Party Piece”

The Unexpected EP (1988, Brainworks Records) – vinyl-only 4-track EP

Flightless (1989, Brainworks Records) – vinyl-only LP

Flightless (2017, Bad Elephant) – CD & download remastered re-release with extra tracks

It Always Rains on Christmas Morning (2018, Bad Elephant) – download only: new recording of the festive foolhardiness previously found on The Unexpected EP


Twice Bitten releases:

Dialogue (1984) – cassette demo, publicly available as limited private release

No Third Man (1985) – cassette-only album, limited private release

Exposure (1985, No Man Records) – compilation album featuring TB’s “Endplay”

Late Cut (2015, Bad Elephant) – CD containing remastered No Third Man album, plus new studio recordingds of Endplay and Crocus Point

Kent Hill (2015, Bad Elephant) – bonus CD with first 100 copies of Late Cut – 1983 outdoor rehearsal before first gig, Autumn 1983


Other releases:

Coltsfoot: Action at a Distance – cassette-only mini-album

Coltsfoot: A Winter Harvest (1995, Brainworks Records) – CD

Skyclad: The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth (1991, Noise Records)

Nigel Mazlyn Jones: Behind the Stone (2000, Isle of Light)

Nigel Mazlyn Jones: Raft (2014, Isle of Light)