2017: Re-release of FLIGHTLESS

On February 3rd 2017, Bad Elephant released the newly re-mastered Flightless album, originally released (on vinyl only) in 1989.  It’s available as a 9-track CD (the six tracks from the original LP, plus three other songs recorded around the same time) and also as a digital download.


The main lyrical themes of the album were, and still are: the perpetual threat of populism as a proxy for fascism (and our collective failure to address the societal consequences thereof); ignorance of the past begetting ignorance of the present; the non-fake dangers of fake news; and the short step from naive democracy to the tyranny of stupidity.  Plus ça change…

This rather implausible turn of events may (or indeed may not) be the catalyst for new recording of old material, new recording of new material, imaginary recording of immaterial material, or lunch.  This is neither a warning nor a promise.  Nor a menu.  But, as anyone emerging from 2016 will be aware, stranger things have happened…